Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Weekend of a Thousand Shoes

This is a follow up to a story that never ends. Some of you may remember that I have talked about this before as this phenomena is an absolute mystery to me. I'm talking about single, mate less shoes randomly discarded on public highways. HOW.... DOES..... THAT.... HAPPEN? Now, I thought that was an important question to ask. How does one lose A shoe? Well, I found out this weekend how one loses A shoe and now I think that the most important question may be WHY? I think we're finally getting somewhere.

Basically, Friday evening I was driving home and for once, the traffic was moving rather than sitting, when all of a sudden a large pick-up truck a few cars in front of me and one lane over chucked a black and blue shoe out the window.

It bounced along the road and was ran over twice before it was out of my line of sight.

How... strange.

I made a mental note, that people throw single shoes out of car windows and hey, who am I to judge. I'm sure there was a good reason? I don't know.
My next shoe encounter came Saturday morning. I had just returned from another frustrating workout at the RDV and was going to take the dogs for a well-deserved walk. As we were weaving in and out of the several cul-de-sacs in our apartment complex, I noticed a lonely dress shoe sitting next to a spilled soda at the curb. It was a nice shoe. The kind a man would wear to a wedding with a tux. There it was, sitting in a pile of caramelized Pepsi.... all alone. What did this shoe do that would have caused it to be abandoned? I just don't know. Was it the shoe's fault that the Pepsi spilled? DAMN YOU SHOE! ROT HERE FOR ALL ETERNITY WHILE I TAKE YOUR MATE AND GO HOME. People are damn weird.

Sunday rolls around. The final day of the weekend, the day that you are already mourning the loss of your freedom as Monday looms just around the corner. This is my final shoe experience. Coming home from a small grocery trip with Mike I saw something spring from the pavement, oh so slightly, as it was ran over by a minivan....
"ANOTHER SHOE!" I yelled. Mike insists that the shoe had been there for quite some time, but I am fairly convinced that I saw someone throw it out the window.... I think.... maybe?

What do people have against their shoes? Do I need to start some sort of non-profit organization. Seriously. What the hell.

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