Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Maya Chicken-Bits Buttreeks, this is your life.

So I understand that if I do have any regular readers at this point they will probably groan "auugghhh, another dog birthday blog?" but frankly, my sister would be very disappointed if I left out the birthday photo montage for our little two year old, Maya.

Ahhh. I remember the first day we told Midas that he would be getting a little sister.

And now, our little Maya turns two today. She's celebrating in true Maya fashion- curled up on a bed with multiple blankets and a chunk of carrot that she refuses to eat, but refuses to let go of. The story of Maya is a nice bed time kind of story with a happy ending. You see, we were living in Florida, and I was working at Harcourt where I spent the majority of my day on the internet. I came across Maya's adorable little picture on a website and emailed it to my husband with a note saying: "aww, look how cute."
To my surprise, Mike wrote me back and said: "That's our baby girl." This is really not like Mike, but he loved her from that one little photo. We didn't even have any intention of getting another pug... but Mike just knew we had to have her. The timing couldn't have been better since Mike had just been on the recieving end of a fifteen car pile up on I-4 and we no longer were a two car family. My mom and dad had generously offered to GIVE us their truck and so we had plans to fly to Michigan to drive it back... which just happened to be where little Maya (formerly known as Munchkin,) was residing.

We started making calls and were very excited to be going to pick her up, but as we arrived, the breeders that were selling her started showing hesitation. They really didn't seem to want to get rid of her telling us that some other people were coming to look at her all of a sudden and telling us that we probably wouldn't be able to drive back with her in the truck.... and some other weird things that I won't get into here. Anyway, push came to shove and we went out there and got her. She fit right in immediately, peeing on mike's leg right off the bat.

Maya was an adorable little wall-eyed puppy. She was the runt of the litter-- infact, she was the litter. The only puppy born from her little mommy. From day one, Maya knew only a life of priveledge. She never had to fight for food and often had it specially prepared. She slept in the bed with the breeder who had fallen in love with her and was sad to let her go. She had all the toys and playtime she could have wanted and didn't even have to set foot out in the cold to use the bathroom. When she left she was given toys, food, and hand-made blankets to accompany her on her trip home. The constant love and attention she received made for an obvious difference in personality over Midas who didn't have it as easy at his birthplace. Midas, terrified of abandonment, has never gotten over his bumpy start in life where Maya has no fear at all,knowing that someone will feed her, someone will protect her, and someone will love her always.

Knowing she has no worldly concerns or worries of any kind, Maya has spent her two years honing her skills and perfecting her true talents. Such talents include power sleeping, finding the ultimate comfort spots, and zeroing in on available laps to occupy.

Here my mom learns that, just because she is on vacation doesn't mean that she won't be a slave to Maya's wants, whims and comforts of all kinds. Here, she has beat out Midas for the ultimate lap spot.

Why just sleep on a king size pillow top bed when you can sleep on a pile of pillows on top of a king size, pillow top, bed.

Here we are packing for the big move to Texas. Midas is somewhere standing around nervously as we pack boxes containing things he may or may not need. Maya helps by lounging on an extra fluffy bed pillow and chewing a bone.

Without missing a beat, Maya is back into her old routine as we unpack here in Texas. Towels used to wrap breakables were tossed into a laundry pile that Maya burrowed into for the ultimate sleep destination. Can you find her?

She truly is the Comfort Queen.

While Maya knows how to live it up and has a life of priveledge, it isn't all glitz and glamour. Maya has seen her share of hard times, too.

Any "bath" indications have Maya headed for the hills with a straightened tail and ears back. If you aren't quick enough after removing her collar, its a two person job to peal her out from under the far corner of the bed.

Sometimes known as the "cutie with da booty," the junk in Maya's trunk has been known to keep her from getting onto the couch where an empty lap surely awaits her. It can be torturous.

People have been known to take advantage of her cuteness.

WAITING for treats is definately not her style.

The Dreaded CONE.

Through it all, though, she is still quite the character. She loves to be a funny girl and make everyone laugh. She also love a good laugh herself.

Mostly, however, its a princess' life for "Pea" and if you need her, she'll be celebrating it up like a true princess on this, her second birthday. Pug kisses to you all from Maya. Our little Smia Pea.
Princess Life:

Soaking up the rays poolside.

Eating LOTS of pizza.

Playing with your big brother

Power Sleeping...

Getting fanned

... And being top dog.
Happy Birthday, Maya!!!

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