Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Day with the Guatemalan Kit Car

You know how people say that groups of girls who work together or live together-- pretty much in close proximity most of the time-- get their periods at the same time? Well, did you know that the same is true for cars? Every time my car needs to go into the shop because its PMSing, Mike's car immediately follows suit and vice versa. Well, naturally, since I'm going on a long road trip next week, I wanted to take my car in for a tune-up to lessen the chance of any unnatural surprises while I'm 40 miles in to an 80 mile stretch of tumbleweeds and nothingness with two dogs and a car full of crap. Sensing this, Mike's brakes gave out. They seriously quit life. No signs, no symptoms, just GONE.

So we're stuck in that awkward position of not having a car. A rental car wasn't really an option because I needed to get the car in earlier than I could actually afford to pay for it since the trip is early next week and if they find anything wrong with it, they need time to actually work on it. With my account in the negative until payday, I couldn't exactly get myself a rental.

Well, thank God for my parents whose generous contribution to my financial mishap enabled me to take the car in AND get a rental. I took it in Thursday stressing very heavily that I needed the car back by no later than Monday morning because I was leaving to go out of town. They assured me that it would be looked at that morning.

So I got the world's ugliest little gas guzzler and was on my way.

Friday. 10:00am. Still no word from the car place.

I had to call the rental people and tell them that I would be keeping their Aveo for longer than anticipated and they weren't too concerned. I wouldn't be either. This car either came straight off an alien space craft or was manufactured by monkeys and little blind children in the deepest jungles of Guatemala. Its a very... very... odd car. Its the kind of car that induces a hearty pirate laugh from the deepest part of your gut-- as Mike did when he came outside to meet me on our way out for the evening. Yes, I took the little gas guzzler for a night out on the town since we had free tickets to a comedy club for us and 20 friends-- which by the way, was excellent. Its the best show I have seen to date and it was free! We saw Brian Bradley and it couldn't have been a better night-- even when the bums started following us down church street....

So anyway. Here we are and I still have the Guatemalan kit car. But at least its payday and all sort of financial emergencies are behind me-- barring any radical car surgery-- but that would be unexpected to say the least.
So if anyone sees a skinny, yet tall white vehicle whizzing down the road at a top speed of 45.... POSSIBLY leaking a trail of gas (where does it go so fast?!) its probably me and the Aveo.

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