Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Seedy Underbelly

Every small town has their small shops and stores that make you wonder how the owners make rent. You know the ones, Italian food by Pedro Gonzalez, western-boot repair, and the occassional inspirational gifts by Betty. I've seen lots of places like that in my 28 years of residency on planet Earth. I've often found myself wondering how Dave's Tennis Racket Repair is a legitimate functioning business or how the man selling battery powered light up wall art next to a used vaccuum retailer gain enough profit to make their entreprenuership worthwile. Then I came across a little place in Winter Park, Florida, whose name I must change. We'll call it... Aircraft Parts Supplier. In all the time that I lived out there, worked out there, and frequented the street in which said supplier was located on... it never seemed to have any customers.... during normal 9-5 hours that is. Maybe it was a coincidence, but whenever Mike and I would be coming back from the movies, or bookstore, we would have to stop for someone turning in to their parking lot. Even after midnight. It made me wonder if maybe this place that seemed to sell parts for aircrafts and satellites (because there's a huge consumer drive for those products) in the middle of the night was maybe just a front for... I don't know... a meth lab?! A crack den? A Burlesque house? It just seemed like some sort of cover up so all I do is imagine something seedy with sinister late-night goings on. Incase they have the internet bugged-- I am in no way accusing them of ACTUALLY being a crack den... this is all just speculation... imagination... what have you. Just something that has crossed my mind. This place boasts the traffic of 500 customers a day... but I can't imagine that many people in the Orlando area are desperately seeking wires or replacement parts for satellites. I'm pretty sure the people of Orlando are desperately seeking a beer and some bbq chips. Am I crazy here?
I must be. I have since come upon another entreprenueral anomoly. Its a little place right here in Georgetown called Beds, Beds, and More. They have weird hours that change daily and make little mattress TeePees in triangle formations on the front lawn.I have racked my brain to come up with reasons that this place could possibly be a functioning business enterprise. It is about thirty miles north of any sort of metropolitan area. It is a little out of the way shop that I can't imagine anyone going out of their way to get to. Not to knock them, I'm sure that they carry a quality product, I'm just trying to figure out the financial logisitcs of it. First of all, it is nestled on the outer edge of Wolf Ranch which boasts two high quality competing mattress chains and a sleepnumber superstore. Beds, Beds, and More displays many of its mattresses on the front lawn. Its literally a step up from buying your bed at a garage sale-- appearance wise. I can safely point out that as a consumer, when I was in the market for a new bed a few months ago, Beds, Beds, and More didn't make the cut of places to shop and I would by no means call myself financially well off. Georgetown, however, seems to be a town of people who are fairly pretentious and I'm not saying that to sound like a jerk. "They" have actually gone out of their way to perpetuate the "Georgetown" attitude by launching a T-shirt counter-campaign against neighboring Austin's: "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. Georgetown, with it's conservative and non-eclectic view of life proudly propogates "Keep Georgetown Normal" apparell. So, since Georgetown, in theory, is not a fan of the eclectic and Bed, Beds, and More is certainly of that genre... I am left again to wonder where their customer base is coming from. I seriously doubt that people are driving in from other towns to buy a bed off a lawn... so where is the revenue coming from? WHERE?!!!!
I have tried and tried to make sense of this conundrum, but the only thing my brain can come up with is crack dens and prostitution rings. I'm sorry. Either that, or I should open my own Pug Petting Zoo or something. Maybe I could make and sell toilet paper cozies out of old bubble gum wrappers? Either way, business must be good and I am missing out.


Kim said...

I know that place of which you speak! haha! The website says they are open until 6:00 on weeknights and until 5:00 on Sat. This does make me wonder why people are there at midnight, though! Kinda weird. Steve has been in there many times. There are hundreds and hundreds of things to look at in there! Teachers, artists, unibombers, etc. can find any number of interesting things in there. Even someone who knows nothing about anything electronic, such as myself, has been curiously engaged upon entering the store.

Monster Librarian said...

Haven't been here for a while--sorry about that. Those places are definitely covers for crack dens. What was the famous one in Fenton? Steve's Furniture...? I have never seen a person purchase furniture at that place!

Also, i read your new about me section and laughed outloud...seemed very Dr. Evil worthy! LOVE IT!

cassiejohanna said...

Man...Beds Beds & More looks mighty sketchy to me!

I often wonder about the undercover crack dens myself. We have a pizza place out here that is a good "mom & pop" type place. It's pretty good and they have low prices. Every time I go in there to pick up pizza, there are about 10 people working in there (five of which are standing around) and a couple delivery drivers coming and going. (It's a small store, mind you.)

One time I was in there waiting and they were eying me suspiciously while counting their GINORMOUS wads of cash. I mean, it's good pizza but...the delivery driver brought back a couple bricks of cash. I think that they are selling drugs on the side. There is no way they can afford having that many people just standing around in there.

Kelly said...

jenny!!! i'm going through blog withdraw!!! its been 3 weeks, you're slacking :-P

Anonymous said...

I've grown up in the Georgetown area and have seen many shops come and go, but how in the world does this one manage to stay in business? I love that you pointed out the matress tepee; seriously, would anyone buy a matress from the front lawn of this establishment? I absolutely believe this is just a front for some illegal activity.

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