Saturday, June 2, 2007

Afraid of the Touchy?

One of my many talents is finding the repulsive, rude, or plainly humorous irony in just about any situation. So, for example, when I think of going to the movies, I can think of lots of creepy run-ins that one might have. At any given moment, your entire reality can come grinding to a halt as you realize that there isn't some amish woman in the netherlands hand churning the "butter" for your popcorn and Steve-O the concession master has been wiping his nose up and down his tailored white sleeve as he scoops up your $18.00 snack. Maybe you were the lucky winner of an ass cheek covered in gum from the previous patron or witness to gummy bears sticking to the nose of the beautiful heroine on the screen during a dramatic love scene.... whatever.With all the things that could disgust and repulse you at your local movie theater, I can't fathom how you could be so grossed out by your friend who braved the germs to see the flick with you! I know I am meandering around the point here, but I have to point out exactly why I think it is so odd that when the guys go out to see a movie with their friends, they have to be seperated by an empty seat. Are you worried that you might accidently hold hands? What? So don't share your 209oz. Mountain Dew with one straw, I get it, but why can't you sit next to each other? What is it? Seriously? Inquiring minds want to know.

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