Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Olympic Sport!

I propose a new sport be added to the Olympics and I gaurantee that I will be the first gold medal winner. Its called "High Speed Pug Wrestling." I came up with my profound new idea while driving to pick Mike up from work last night at around 6:30pm. I decided to bring my schitty pug for a ride in the car and found myself going 85 in the passing lane while trying to fish a UFO (unidentified filthy object) out of his mouth. Apparently he had found some kind of disgusting treasure on the floor and was proceeding to chomp and gag on it. So driving one handed, I had to wrap the other hand around the pug and stick my fingers in his little slime mouth. I never did find what he was eating but he seemed to enjoy it. He spent the rest of the ride balancing on my shoulder like a parrot. I have the weirdest dog.Happy Valentine's Day crotch monkeys.

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