Saturday, June 2, 2007

Midas is an effin a-hole.

**Warning: This blog contains adult language and graphic scenes**With one car, we have been home a lot less on the weekdays. Infact, somedays it is a matter of going home, eating dinner and going to bed. All this has taken its toll on my spoiled little schitty. He's very angry. I know some of you are saying: "Gimme, a break, he's a dog!" but he's not just a dog. He's smart and he's a little bit evil. He's like a spoiled little child who throws fits when he does not get his way. Now, most dogs would inflict their fury on a shoe or something. They would tear something up or mangle a roll of toilet paper. Not my dog. Noooooooo. He's much more of a bastard.Now, we tried to keep things kind of rolling with the household cleaning despite our busy schedule. So, we did a few loads of laundry and the clean stuff that came out we put in a pile on the floor... because we are lazy fuckers. Anyway, it was mostly towels but I had a shirt on the top of the pile. A shirt that I was going to wear today, damn it!So anway, in his rage, Midas climbed up to the top of the pile of dirty laundry and took a great big shit! You can't TELL me that isn't malicious! There's no way he just had to go and went, you know? He actually had to climb up there, balance and pinch off right on the top of all our clean stuff! If he just had to go, he could have just gone on the floor and saved himself the trouble! I think he's pure evil! He KNEW what he was doing!!!! BASTARD PUG!!!!!!

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