Saturday, June 2, 2007

The End of a Big Sweaty Mess.

In about an hour and a half I am going to go turn in my keys to my lake mary apartment and on the one hand I am sad because I really loved living there... but on the other hand... my air conditioning chose a very interesting time to break. Basically, over memorial day weekend we were moving and cleaning in 95 degree heat! It SUCKED! Repainting the walls was like smearing paste all over. My dogs passed out in front of the fan and it took us FOREVER to get things done.I would describe the cleaning job we did as: "sort of adequate." We did as they asked and repainted the walls to white. However, as we discovered their walls were not the same shade of white as our paint. Meh. Not my problem. They're going to have to replace the carpet for so many reasons. It looks like a pack of wild elephants lived there. First there are two enormous holes where Midas tried to escape out of the bedroom via digging. THEN we had a bottle of Ozarka water sitting on the floor for the fishtank and the ink leaked off the package so there is a large purple spot where the fish tank used to be. And then there's the normal wear and tear. We did rent a carpet cleaner and vaccuumed. Like it made a difference. As far as everything else, I could have been more meticulous, but they could have fixed my air on friday when I called them. So I don't expect to see a dime of my deposit back but whatever. Moving on. To wrap things up I have a quiz tonight in my Java class and I am rereading the chapter but last time I did that it didn't help. OH, to completely change the topic, everyone watch for me in my new glasses that I will get either Friday or monday. Here's the funny story behind that. After I jabbed myself in the eye with my own finger, I made an eye appointment and they got me new contacts. I figured that I would get new glasses too since Midas ate my old ones. I asked the lady at the front desk if there were any frames that I couldn't get and she looked at me like I was retarded and said: "Uh, noooo."Well, the reason that I asked that was because I am blind as a freaking bat and I have never been able to wear rimless glasses- therefore, that's all I want. So I spent forever finding the perfect pair of rimless glasses and when I went to get them the lady was like: "you can't wear these frames." Go figure.So now I'd like to back up for a minute and let you know that they dialated my eyes, so I'm squinting there looking at the glasses in the sun filled florida style showcase room and it took me so damn long because I couldn't see! So when she comes back over with another pair of glasses that she decides are "a lot like" what I picked out. I just said "okay." and I didn't even try them on. SO... I may look like some kind of mongoloid. We'll see. Anyhow. Good bye, Lake Mary. I will miss you.Yeah, I had orange walls. They are now Elmers glue white:

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