Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Know the Answer!

Yesterday I'm at work... on myspace filling out one of those online quizzes just so my brain has something to do when I came across this question:"If you could go back and tell someone something would you?"I thought to myself what a waste of time (because doing surveys on myspace isn't a waste of time, right?) and I just put no. Today, however, the answer to that question came to me completely by accident while I was at Subway. I wasn't even thinking about it. But now I know. It was a few years ago. I was 21 or 22, a freshman at Ringling and working as a manager at Carmike Cinemas. I was allof 5' 1 (and a HALF) and weighed something in the mid 90s-- pre boob job so 60% of which was boobs. MOST of the time, when I met strange men, they were pretty darn nice to me. All except this one guy.It didn't really bother me that this guy was mean to me since he was all of 30 and slaving away at the local Subway as a sandwich artist. I used to go in there a few times a week to pick up Sean's lunch. Sean was the general manager at Carmike and I pretty much did all of his work and ran his errands. It wasn't a dream job, but its things like this that get you through school with the hope you'll never have to do them again. Anyway, Sean wasn't the most upstanding citizen and he paid for everything with movie tickets. I mean, EVERYTHING. His food, his car repairs, his dry cleaning. All bought with movie tickets. To be fair, he got food for myself, the other two managers, and our assistants every weekend with those tickets as well. It didn't really bother me and I was used to going places, handing over the tickets and getting whatever it is that Sean wanted. Subway was one of his favorite places to go and he arranged his little deal with a guy there named Tony who still makes my skin crawl. Anyway, whenever I had to go pick up Sean's lunch there was always that nasty troll man at the counter. He would give me dirty looks, slap together the sandwich and practically throw it at me when I was done ordering. Then Tony would come out and I'd pay and leave.Well, one day I decided to go there for myself and another manager, Emerald. Sean wasn't even working and I certainly didn't sustain a life on movie tickets. So I went in there and there's Mr. Troll man. I start to give him our orders and he stops mid-bread slicing and slams down his little "knife" and goes to get the manager. When she heaves her fat ass out of the employee lounge, he announces loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear that I make him sick and he won't wait on me. She says: "Great. Thanks, now I get to deal with her."All of this is happening so fast I don't even know what to say. I'm completely shocked and I feel like a total ass. My face is getting all hot and red again just thinking about it. So I just quietly finished my order and handed her my debit card.Of course, the stars had aligned that day and I had decided to go to SUBWAY on a day when it turned out I was overdrawn. So this monstorous heffer runs my card and its declined and she laughs at me while Mr. Troll rolls his eyes!!Now, there are times in your life when the right thing to do is to not give them your money in the first place... this would certainly have been one of them. I, however, felt compelled to not "look stupid" and was determined to find the cash to pay for my sorry little sandwiches. I dumped out my purse while Monstorous Cow waited on everyone else and I managed to come up with all but THREE CENTS. I present this to her and she tosses a glance over her shoulder at Mr. Troll who struts up to me and says: "We no longer take movie tickets from you... so I suggest you come up with three cents or you're out of luck."I didn't even know what to say since I clearly wasn't attempting to pay with tickets and I never had gotten anything for myself with tickets so I said that I had three cents in the car. I went to the car where I found two cents. I can't believe I even put myself through this. If I hadn't found another penny IN THE PARKING LOT they would have laughed me right out the door. So I went back into the doors of sandwich hell, paid IN FULL and took my subs. I told Mr. Troll that I never had anything to do with the whole stupid ticket deal but he cut me off and told me to shut up and get out! So the only thing I managed to say was: "Asshole"Except I was shocked and shaking and it kind of came out as more of a question... like: "Asshole?"Needless to say I never went back. I just went back to the theater and gave Emerald her sub and started crying as I retold the story. So to answer that question... yes. I do wish that I could go back and tell someone something.Actually, I still don't know what I would say. I would have called the corporate office or something.... probably.... or maybe I would have given Mr. Troll an open faced tuna sandwich facial. (Sounds good, huh?)Either way, I hope that he was fired from his sandwich empire and had to go work somewhere horrible-- perhaps with Sean wherever he went after he got fired. I just hope that they are both shoveling horse shit for minimum wage. So much for forgive and forget.

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