Saturday, June 2, 2007


irst day at a new job and I wake up and out of nowhere have a horrible cough. I seriously sound like a barking seal. An OLD barking seal. And whenever I get a cough, I immediately end up having the Joan Rivers voice. Damn it all to hell. I think I'll blame this on the MCG holiday party where I MAY have had too much to drink. God knows what I did. I probably decided that I couldn't possibly celebrate the holidays without licking everyone's silverwear or something. Either way, I am FREAKING SICK. Its also the first day that Tasha is here and moving some of her stuff in. We're all pretty excited to get into a smaller apartment where it won't be an event to take the dogs out. I'll spare you the details of that joy. The main first here, though, is that it is my first day of NOT working at MCG. Its the first day that I didn't have to get on the slow elevator and arrive for 8.5 hours of pure torture. So even though I have some kind of whooping cough its a great day. I would skip around singing songs to celebrate, but then I'd just wind up on the floor sounding like a dying yak. Stupid germs.

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