Saturday, June 2, 2007

S.O.S. Maya Sick!

Poor Sick Maya! We noticed it the other day. We left her out of the crate with Midas for only a few minutes while we were gone to pick up some "healthy" dinner (aka fast food) and when we came back it was apparent that Maya was trying to spell something out of shit on our kitchen floor. It said either S.O.S. or S.(.? Something like that. Well the next day I woke up to a fecal anomaly. I'll do you a favor by not describing it in detail, but needless to say after that, she wouldn't eat breakfast or take her medicine. (Strangely enough, I didn't want to eat and NEEDED some medicine after that.) She refused to eat lunch too and although she was her usual chipper self, we were very worried. At dinner time we gave her a special meal with rice and ground turkey mashed together in a smelly glob and that did the trick. You'll all be glad to know that she has since resumed eating and is no longer spelling desperate messages on my floor. She would, however, like some love from all her friends that she hasn't seen.... poooooor Maya.

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