Saturday, June 2, 2007

Clean House

What's up with "cleaning house" with your friends. I am having a discussion with someone that I haven't seen in years but never in million years would I NOT consider her a friend... and we were trying to figure out this theory. Why is it so hard to be there for someone if they need you. Why wouldn't you want to know how their life is going? How do you decide that its just too hard to "maintain" a friendship. I mean, even if you only say hi every once in awhile?I've moved all my life and can call half a dozen places home. I've seen people I love come and go and I love all those pieces of my life and to be completely honest, some of the people that make me smile the biggest and the sun shine the brightest are people that I haven't seen in Y E A R S. I'm done waxing philosophic, its not really my style. But you get the idea-- thanks... and stuff. In other news, Maya ate four slices of vegetable pizza and here is a picture of her fat pug gut.

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