Saturday, June 2, 2007

Harcourt Will Kill You. Yes.

Should I be scared that I discovered a secret room right here in my building? So, I was leaving the mac training room the other day where we get trained to use new programs that editorial will ultimately abandon, when I passed this room with the door partially opened. I would just assume that it was another training room or some kind of studio dressing room since the door is usually closed, but as I passed a GIANT flat screen TV mounted on the wall caught my eye. Whats so unusual about that is that on this TV was a graphic relief map of the United States with blinking white spots in several states. I found this rather strange but by the time I made it to the elevator, it was out of my mind.Today I was back down there to get a time sheet and lo and behold the door was open again... just a little. This time I got a look at people sitting in a NASA looking room with round cubes, and little headphones. The same map was lit up on the computer and the spots were still there. I think that Harcourt is planning to annihilate the few states who have been foolish enough not to adopt our text book program. Yeah, that's right. I'm suggesting that we have missles. So if you live in an open territory, beware! And you too, Texas... because even though you use our text books, your govenor is up to some fishy business about electronic learning... you're going to get it!In other news, I have yet again lost my work badge. I now have an empty lanyard, yet no one has noticed yet. When I started writing this, I know I had something more interesting to say... but its gone now. See what happens when you don't eat your wheaties?

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