Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Can't Drive... 55!

I-4 is the bane of my existence. During the weekdays, cops lie in wait of accidents, fender benders, and road blockages in the form of ladders flying off pick-up trucks, but come the weekends, they flood the roadside like locusts waiting to pull over innocent people. Did I mention that the speed limit on I-4 is 50? Every interstate in the world is 70, but not us!!! Is the speed limit lower because they think that speeders cause accidents? Well, 98% of accidents seem to happen on weekdays and let me assure you that everyone on I-4 is cruising along at 10mph or less. So anway, back to my story. I'm going to the mall with Mike and I'm in the fast lane behind a car and next to a car, etc. etc. I'm in this clump of people going about 70. No one goes, 50, NO ONE. All of a sudden, there's a cop behind me, and a car behind him. We're all just in the flow of traffic. So he gets in to the next lane and pulls up next to me and turns on his siren to get me to look and then flashes me the sign "55" (which first of all, the speed limit is 50) and then takes off (at 70) to go spread his 55 gesture to everyone else on the highway. Is it just me, or was that ridiculous!!?? Not only did no one slow down, but he had to have been going like 90 to catch up to all the other people in front o f me! Either way, it was disturbing and I was mad all the way to the mall. I suppose I should be grateful that I didn't get pulled over, but I was SERIOUSLY going with the flow of traffic! Even the blind old people in the exit lane are going 60! Damn you I-4!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!

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