Saturday, June 2, 2007

Girl Meets Pavement

Okay, so its my first day back to work and I have actually kind of accomplished a lot. There is one whole pile moved from my desk. I received a picture of a cow with big red lips in the mail and I have gotten a french fry stuck in my keyboard. I would say things seem to be moving in the right direction. However, there's nothing like going to back to work to make you miss the last five days you just had off. Even though we didn't really do all that much, it was SO nice to not work. I think I need to start working on this retirement thing. The one part of my vacation that did kind of suck would have to be the graceful belly flop I did onto the cement outside of best buy. Yep. Hold your applause ladies and gentlemen. It started when I slipped and fell in the parking lot outside my apartment and my mom informed me that only an idiot would wear those shoes and why did I buy them? I wasn't even going to mention that this is officially the second time I have totally bit it in these shoes! Well then of course, later that night, we are walking in to best buy and I step on a rock in my 3milimeter heels and I start to fall. Mike said he saw the whole thing in slow motion but I lived it that way. As I began to realize that there was nothing I could possibly due to regain control of my balance, my brain immediately made adjustments to protect my twice broken wrist and I of course landed right on my face. When everything was said and done, I had a sore back, a pulled muscle in my leg and every square inch of my abs and a slight cut on my left foot.... not to mention an audience. So yeah for feeling like an ass!My mom threw my shoes in the trash when we got home and bought me a pair of old lady shoes.

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