Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Have No Pants. A Sad, But True, Story.

I have no pants. For real, its very sad.I own 3 pairs of jeans.One pair is covered in orange printers ink and PVA paste and may be just a tad.... "snug...."One pair is perpetually folded on the bottom seam of the right leg. It doesn't matter if they have just been washed, dried, hung, or folded. It has a mind of its own.One pair is my old lady jeans. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought these. All they need is an elastic waistband and I will be ready for a boyscout to help me cross the street.THEN I have a pair of tan capris. I love these pants they are comfortable and actually look nice to wear to work.... BUT they close with a button and a clasp and the clasp came off in the dryer. I found it.... but then I lost it again. Also, everytime I lose even one pound they droop a little more and they are starting to look more like floods than capris. SIGH.THEN I have a pair of courds... but for a really long time they were one of the ONLY pairs of pants I could wear to work (besides my former black pants R.I.P.) and they are getting really worn from taking such a beating. Any washing now I'm sure that they wil become just be a pile of thread.AND THAT'S IT! I am going to have to change the name of my fundraising organization from the "Send Jenny to college" fund to "Buy Jenny some DANG pants" fund.

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