Saturday, June 2, 2007

I'm Old and I'm Scared!

I have been ignoring the latest aches and pains and cracking bones when I get out of bed in the morning about as long as I can. Today, however, I realized that I am slowly but surely, getting old. I was at the mall, and God help you if you're still Christmas shopping, but anyway... I was waiting for Kelly to come back from Sbarros when I noticed two kids that had to be the age of about 12 going at it. Seriously going for a face suck record right there in the food court. It reminded me of something that the infamous PJ told me, long ago. We were talking about the movie "Snow Day" or something and he said that nothing makes him more grossed out than seeing kids kiss. I remember thinking that he was such an ogre because it wasn't a gross make out slimy kiss in that movie, it was just a little kiss. You know what, though? As I'm getting older and I'm starting to have friends that have kids... I no longer see 12 year olds preteens or near adults.... they are little kids....and it is gross. Moreover, I can see my friends kids at that stage in life not so far down the road... and THAT'S gross! Its weird. Just freaking weird.What's even worst than that... is the "kids" that are freshman in college don't look that much older to me than the 12 year olds! I seriously would be confused working at Bed Bath and Beyond when 15 year olds would come in to get stuff for their new dorm room... but they aren't 15, they are 18 and I am OLD!!!! I am halfway to 50!!!!! 50 is more than halfway to DEAD!AUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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