Saturday, June 2, 2007

And then we got put at the ugly table.

I just realized I haven't told any cool Chicago stories! This one is my favorite. So we had been in Chicago for 4 days. Its labor day. Its night. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is open. Seriously,you would think that downtown Chicago would be so bustling and crazy... its not. I remember walking past a bar in the Loop that closed at 7:00. What kind of bar closes at 7:00? But anyway, it had been a long day of walking and we were both tired and sweaty and we looked like a pair of weirdos. haha. Okay, I was wearing a Michigan State T-Shirt and capris and Mike was dressed in jeans and an oversized T-shirt. I looked completely frumpy and Mike is walking with a very noticeable limp because he hurt his foot and we just couldn't fathom walking all the way to Benigans or Subway (which would have been a good 15 minutes on mike's foot) to get dinner. So the only place nearby was the Hilton. So we were like. Well, who cares. So we go in their restaurant for dinner and the poor server man ushered us into the back with the lowest of the low and the grossest of the gross! We totally sat at the ugly table. haha. In the front of the restauarant were the people who were dressed up and probably had a good amound of money. But we were put directly behind a table full of fat old women in moo moos, one of which was cross-eyed with a unibrow! On the other side of us was an equally hideous male couple. One with a greasy comb over and the other with a dirty megadeath t-shirt on. And then us. The food looked and smelled great but we figured that we didn't need to be spending so much on food and since we were in the "untouchables" section anyway, we decided to split a pizza. My compliments to the Hilton, as it was a great pizza... but we couldn't finish it at all. There was still a half a pizza left when we started back to the hotel and we're waiting to cross the street when some bums asks me for a slice. So we gave him the whole box. See, aren't we nice? Then was the highlight of our trip when we decided to take some scary back alleys to a hole in the wall movie theater and buy tickets to see a movie. We were sitting by ourselves staring at a blank screen with the upholstery coming off the walls and realized that we just didn't want to be there so we ate the 11.00 cost of the tickets and just went back to the hotel where we could safely watch Seinfeld.

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