Saturday, June 2, 2007

Join me in my quest to bring down the Gates.

Who wants to play a fun game? I know, you need to hear the backstory before you decide to join in on all the fun so I'll give it to you. Well, to make a long story short, I stayed at this apartment, The gates of Bradenton, also known as the Gates of HELL... for like 7 months. The WORST seven months of my life. My car was stolen out of the parking lot, I lived above and across from drug dealers, pot heads, and breeders of future car thieves. I can go on and on and on about the misery of my life in this disgusting pit of nasty slow moving death, but I'l let you read that for yourself. The final straw (you know, the one that came just after my car was stolen and they combatted the problem by installing a flood light next to my bedroom window) was when they kept my deposit after move out. this apartment was immaculate! I was never there! Never! there was NOTHING wrong with it. They charged me for replacing the carpeting which was rarely ever even walked on. They charged me for not returning the keys, which I returned the day I left and they charged me some other crap that didn't happen either. I was so mad that I demanded to see the receipts for all these things they had to fix and they told me to get out of their office. No one would walk the apartment with me or anything. They are all just so shady and shifty there so I ended up giving them $350 for nothing. Since that time, it has been my lifelong quest and goal in life to bring them down slowly and painfully. It started to just be something that I would bring up if the conversation was going in the way of apartment hunting. Then I started to scheme about making flyers to place in the free apartment guides.Then I discovered Oh it was wonderful. Now I log on every couple of months and write a new review. I'm sure you can figure out which are mine. So here's the instructions for the fun game:First go to Apartmentratings.comType in the zip code 34207Look for THE GATES OF BRADENTON (it was the second listing, but I don't know how they move around)Feel free to peruse my past entries. Get a feel for the place.Now comes the fun part. You may have to register but its free and don't worry, they won't send you something. I wouldn't ask you to do that if they did. Anyway, so think of a way to destroy them that is both both fresh and creative. Make it funny but make it MEAN. I am serious people. Think of any apartment, any person, store clerk, brand or product that has ever let you down and pissed you off now use this! I need all of you to go out and write reviews stating that this is the worst apartment complex ever. For those of you who live in the sarasota bradenton area, you get bonus points by telling everyone you see this very same thing.Ready, set...... GO!

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