Saturday, June 2, 2007

Man Sweat and Bacon.

This is my lunch break. How I love you lunch break. I went to Subway which seemed like a good idea for two reasons.1. Its SUPER close to my work, yet not cafeteria food.2. It was 1:30pm and I figured that the lunch time rush had probably dissapated. What good luck, they really weren't busy at all. What bad luck, the two people in front of me were both tourists with families of seven. YEAH.I think the rule should be that if you are dressed in business attire, you get to go first. Of course, that isn't the rule, so I waited behind Mr. Backsweat and watched as he ordered a nauseating blend of bacon and cheese. His son kept jumping in and out of line with a large plastic sword. In front of them was a family of girls and one of them was headed straight down the path to teenage pregnancy. She was about 15 and weighed about 15... but what was disturbing was her barely there shorts with painted hand prints on the ass and a see-through white shirt. Wow. Okay, so as if that's not kind of "yikes, take a look at me mom and dad" enough, she reaches across the counter to get a straw and rubs her nasty 15 year old boob nubs against Mr. Backsweat who said: "Oh, excuse me," but didn't make ANY effort to get out of her way.You see, this is why I go out to lunch. If I stayed in, I would miss all of these wonderful encounters. I think I even just threw up in my mouth a little.Also, as soon as I get done typing, I officially have to go back to work so I'm going to do a survey for your viewing enjoyment. O-towners don't for get our Cucamonga B*A*S*H on Saturday, yo.

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