Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nerd Fest at the Polo Club

This weekend was really busy. First of all, let me say that I don't ever need to go to Carabbas again because Drew makes the best chicken EVER. EVER. We brought Midas along to a bbq at Katie's on Friday and it was really fun, but man, Drew is the absolute best person I have ever known on the grill. HO-LY Crap. I guess you would have had to been there. But anyway, the next day, we all went to Sarasota for the "Medeival Fair" which was okay. It was not something that I would pay $16.00 to get into in retrospect but we did manage to waste some money there and a sweaty good time was had by most. I have been to a Renaissance festival before back in high school. I went with my friends, Nick Avery, Nicole Schmult and someone else... anyway, THAT one was really cool. EVERYONE was dressed up and the environment was actually that of the renaissance. For example, the stage was made of logs and the bathrooms were "privys" instead of port-o-potties. I like history so that kind of stuff is interesting to me, but this weekend it was basically a lot of freakish people selling things in tents. For example, I stopped at the pet care booth, conveniently located next to the staple incense tent and bought midas a little dog toy.... but the lady there was trying to convince me that I absolutely HAD to buy spells. Yes, spells. For example: I can put a spell on Midas so that he never has accidents in the house anymore. Special, eh?That being said and done, it was a very long drive but good company none-the-less. Drew and Katie came and I got to see my Kelly! Brittany and her husband went as well. Afterward we went to the museum-- aren't we cultured. Sunday was slower paced. I took a 5 mileish walk and now my legs hurt and I have a blister (but I got Fiary GodParents band-aids so it was worth it!) and I went to see Domino, which was pretty good. Julie and I were loving the 90210 cameos. Good times, Good times. Well, I had meant for this post to be more entertaining but it just turned into a commentary of what I actually did this weekend.... I'm sorry. Well, for those of you who actually read this (Oh, I have a very loyal following of about 4 people! haha!) I will post some good pictures of the he-she wench and that red-headed troll who was in the Joust (Kelly, you know what I mean) so that you can all share in our enjoyment. However, if you didn't actually see the lady with the boob-busting dress, then you can never really say that you had the right nerd fest experience... and seriously, Kelly.... where were her nipples?!?

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