Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Rhythm is Going to Get You.

Some people are quick to notice patterns in life. Not me. It wasn't until today when I found myself deep in conversation with my boss, Don regarding coffee and movement in general that I realized that I am truly a klutz. Not just one of those cute little things you say: "Oh, I'm such a klutz... silly me..." I am truly a walking disaster. So we were discussing the fact that neither of us can simply WALK with a cup of coffee from say, Starbucks (hence, LID) without it splashing all over us. We can't even drive in the car with it and remain free of stains and spills. Drinking it is just out of the question. Don mentioned to me that his significant other had reasoned that it was in the rhythm of his movement-- the way he walked. That seemed to make sense so we began analyzing how we walked. I came up with this for myself: I walk very fast from a life time of being short and needing to catch up to all you long legged freaks.. Not only do I walk fast, but I tend to have my head down. Why? You would think I would like to know what I'm about to run face first into. Combine this with the ability to misjudge steps, distance, and the weight of doors and you have an ER's wet dream.Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.I remember owning a very nice pair of black dress pants that I used to wear to work when I managed the movie theater in Bradenton. In the concession area was a wooden swinging door. Well, in my zest for life, I went charging through at full speed, caught my zipper and it came RIGHT OFF. I was seriously almost pantsed. Aside from the fact that I have photographic evidence (to come I'll post it later, I swear), that I can't drink a cup of coffee, I can't walk like a normal person either. Lets go back to middle school now. Instead of learning how to square dance or play soccer in a crab position, maybe, just maybe, they should have taught me how to walk with an ounce of poise. I blame the school system and american education in general. There you have it. The Rhythm is going to get me. It gets me every time. :(

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