Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Think I'll Call Him Jesus.

Okay. Funny story. So I got two large snails to go in my 55 gallon fishtank. Just to help keep it clean. It became apparent that one was crustified so I got another one. I left the crustified one in the tank just in case I was wrong. For weeks my two living snails have been doing great and the crustified one was just decoration laying upside down on the rocks, but just a day ago there was a strange occurance. It started when our catfish died and someone ate his face off. I saw this, screamed and made mike take care of it. When he came back, he noticed that we had three large active snails. I said: "no, that's impossible... the one has been dead for weeks, maybe a month."Mike said: "Noooo, there are three large snails in here on the glass eating slime."Sure enough. There are three snails. Its not like the other two just uhhh.... reproduced because it is a big snail! He's not really greyish in color anymore (maybe a little) and he's out and about enjoying snail life. He died and was risen! My snail has come back to life! This is truly a sacred and holy moment.

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