Saturday, June 2, 2007

Midas Wins!

This weekend was pretty sweet except for the whole fish death. It started on the way back from the gym on Saturday. We had just opened the door when our neighbor asked if we wanted her 55 gallon fishtank!!! We were like, hell yes! So we bought the thing for a hundred dollars including, the stand, the filters, the gravel, the fish, everything! GREAT deal! We spent Sunday cleaning it up and getting it ready to go. Now we can start a tropical fish tank with the small one. If you know anything about fish or aquariums, this was an amazing deal. So awesome. Next Midas had his Halloween pug party to go too. His costume won third place and we got a pug calendar and he got some new toys (just what he needs!) it was fun. I plan to post some pictures, but with the hurricane, we can't get on our server at the moment. Here is a link to tide you over.

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