Saturday, June 2, 2007

We Have a Code Orange, Pug on the Loose...

I went and started my holidays off with a bang this year. Mike had just dropped me off at the airport, he had JUST left when some hugemongous kid comes stampeding at poor little Midas who was terrified and trying to get away. As he was pulling away, I was tugging at his leash dragging him along with me and his collar slid right off. I was going to freak out, but being such a good little weasle, he didn't go anywhere. I did, however, have to set down all my stuff and wrestle him to the floor to get his collar back on. Even though Midas didn't run and he didn't bark and we weren' t in anyone's way, this little scene was enough to deem me a security alert and as I stood up again, there is an armed officer waiting to escort me to my own personal screening area where I was searched and seperated from Midas. After they decided that I was infact, unarmed and a little shocked, they let me go. I figured that was the end of it but NOOOOO. After I had sat down in the terminal and was starting to get over the humiliation of being a public menace, they call my name over the loud speaker. WTF. So I got up and found out that I was being upgraded to first class, infact, I get to sit RIGHT BEHIND the stewardess. Fine, whatever, their loss. First class works just fine for me. It wasn't even a long flight anyway, just to Atlanta. Well, when I get there, of course, my bag isn't there. Of course. By now I am highly freaked out and Midas really, really, really, has to poop. (Oh, sorry, Lissy, he has to DUKE.) Just as I think all is lost, I see my suitcase in the transportation office and go in to reclaim it. Turns out that, just in case, they decided to send it by way of a different airplane. My God! Couldn't they just search it and see that it was filled with a lot of crappy clothes and some dog toys?! I mean, really! Well, that aside, I had a great Christmas and New Year and didn't blow up any planes or highjack my way to Hawaii. Hope you all can say the same.P.S. Midas wants to give lots of love and little bites to everyone and hopes you enjoy his 15 minutes of Atlanta bound airline fame.

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