Saturday, June 2, 2007

We've Created a Monster.

A cookie monster.Midas was about 90% potty trained when we had the brilliant idea to get him a sister and playmate. So since Maya came into his world and we have moved to a new third floor apartment he has forgotten everything he knows about "where" one takes care of their business. With my sister being home during the day for this week, we were trying really hard to get them into a new routine and consistency. She and mike constructed an outdoor "potty" area on Saturday and we spent all night last night training Maya to ring a bell when she needed to go outside. Well... what happened is that she rings the bell when she wants a treat. Now whenever she wants a prize she rings the bell. No matter where you are in the house, you can here a little "ringa ringa" its quite hillarious. As far as going in the house... yeah, they still do

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