Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Work at Candyland.

I seriously work in some fat fuckers anonymous gone wrong. I walk in and there is a big heaping pile of iced cupcakes on a table. So then I get to my desk and my boss, Don, who is probably the coolest person I have ever met, randomly decides to buy my group 2 dozen doughnuts. As if this isn't enough, this company that caters fancy individual cakes came in (and come on, I'm only human, I can resist some things, but not these) I'm sure each individual chunk has enough calories to cover your daily intake for the next sixth months but holy crap, they are sooooo good. This is all before lunch. After lunch we are having a birthday party so guess what's going to be there. OH, and did I mention that one of my coworker's has a husband who works for Russell Stover so there is a constant supply of little chocolates? I think I'm going to write a song about my misery.Fattys of the world uniteStand up for your pudgy rightsDon't let a salad spoil your buffetHave another hot fudge sundaeLet this be that fatty causeEven men will wear big brasDon't give a notice to your bellyJust pile on butter, sugar, and jellySomething is wrong with everythingExcept the chicken wingsI waste too much time.

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