Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thanks a lot, Alberto, you big, fat, JERK!

Later debating why on earth we decided to get movie tickets online to see a movie on a monday night, we ended up returning our tickets to Cars last night because I was so damn tired. Instead, I went home and did some homework and got ready for bed. The rain against the window and roof was kind of soothing at first... but it actually kept me awake for like an extra hour and a half and then I kept waking up after that all night long. One of the times I woke up was 4:49am and I thought about just getting up because I was wide awake for one, and for two my alarm was going off at 5:15 anyway. HOWEVER, it sounded like torrential flooding outside and my desire to go to the gym slipped away like an ungaurded cheesecake into my mouth. SO I just went back to sleep. I didn't wake up until 8:10. I have to be at work by 8:30 and it takes me 25 minutes to get there AND I had to take a shower, let the dogs out and get my crap ready for the day. Even better, I have a meeting at nine.As if this isn't bad enough, when I get outside to go to my car, it is no longer raining but the parking lot is flooded with 4 inches of water of which I tried to gracefully hop over. Whooooops!I forgot that my shoes have heels that are just milimeters wide and so I found myself heading face first into a puddle. Aside from a scraped up knee and feeling like a jackass, no real damage.I made it to work BARELY in time for my meeting and from there everything seemed to go okay. UNTILWe go out to get some nutritious and delicious McDonald's for lunch (meh, I didn't go to the gym, why not make it a REALLY bad day, right? Logical?) and of course on the way back the rain squalls and pouring sheets of liquid shit are back. So soaking wet, we get into the building and head straight to the cafeteria for some hot tea (not cake... HOT TEA. GOD.)I'm really not one to complain about rain. Its just water. I don't care if I get wet, and the air conditioning that is giving me hypothermia will even be okay after my hot tea. I am thinking just this as I wait for an elevator and some hacking old bag with a cane explodes out of it as soon as the bell dings that it has arrived on my floor. Somehow she ends up with her moldy germ hole spewing diseases RIGHT INTO MY TEA. Shocked and dumbfounded, I barely managed to squeeze out a "Thank---you."This had to be a message from God that I am going to get sick because after I got myself together and smooshed into the back corner of the elevator, I got a nose full of Mrs. Halls Mentholiptus Vapor Action in all her eppervescant glory. So, to recap:I am soaking wet in a building that keeps its median temperature at a crisp 27 degrees farenheight. I am surrounded by sick people and some rhinoceros in a moo moo splooged into my drink. Oh yeah, and there's like a hurricane or something outside.

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