Saturday, June 2, 2007

It Must be Your First Day on Planet Earth. Welcome.

That being said, there are a bajillion other people on this planet. Try to remember that before you go forth and spew stupidity upon all who cross your path. What am I whining about now? Well, I'm going to tell you.Here I am sitting at my desk in my little cube, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when some girl that I have never, ever seen in the office comes over and starts using spray adhesive on our light table. I have no problem sharing supplies. HERE is the problem that I have:1. She didn't even ask2. She is getting glue all over OUR stuff because nothing is covered3. HELLO, I am working here and there is now glue floating through the air, so not only am I getting a buzz, but I can feel the little broccolis looking things in my lungs sticking together.4. She is leaning over some board that she is gluing with her thong hanging shamelessly out of her pants! I turned around to see what Kelly wanted to do for lunch and BAM--- ITS BOOTY!!! Shameless thong covered plumbers crack. I'm sorry, I just think that's really rude. And if you don't agree, I hope someone comes and sprays all that crap in your little confined space and then gives you a nasty lap dance. Anyway, I think its time for me to go to lunch now and wait until my cube becomes less "hazy."P.S. If I have nightmares about her ass, I'm suing!

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