Saturday, June 2, 2007

I would rather lick dirt for spare change...

....than work with Randstad ever again in my life. I am a little sad, but excited to say that as of September 1st I will no longer be working for Harcourt. I feel like kind of a schmutz because I am not getting to finish the book(s) I worked so hard on, but I am really looking forward to having a new job. I am now an in-house designer for a transporation consulting group in Winter Park. I'll be able to enter my work in trade show competitions and they are getting me whatever programs I need to run on. I'm closer to home and have awesome benefits and an actual chance to get a raise once in awhile. This is opposite of Randstad's crafty shave and shear manuever where they shave off your vacation time and shear down your benefit coverage without telling you.
Since I am leaving my very first post-degree job, I would like to take some time to reflect on what I have gained from my year and a half as a Harcourt designer/supercopygirl. Maybe I can share my wisdom with all of you and make you just a little bit wiser.
Top Ten List O' Trade Skills Learned Via HBJ School Publishers:10. At 8:30am you take the elevators in the marble lobby or you will get an elbow and a breakfast burrito buried in your rib or up your nose as person number 75 contorts their way onto the 6 person maximum elevator.
9. That smell is freaking bat poop.
8. The dumber you are the better. They think its cute.
7. The copy/fax/scanner X-13 is out of commission at least once a day.
6. Never.... NEVER get in the way during cake day.
5. Yeah, cake day is everyday.
4. If you don't actually know how to do your job, how can you possible be held accountable?
3. If you still have one shipping label left then you just shut up. They'll replace it when you run out. DUH.
2. If you choose 12 noon to go down to the cafeteria to get lunch, God help you.
1. There will always be some kind of diseased child in the building. Touching what you touch. Sneezing where you breathe. Snotting in places you won't notice.

Good-bye Harcourt.

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