Saturday, June 2, 2007

Midas Hates Kate Winslett!

Most people know their pets pretty well and can say things like: "my dog likes chewing bones, going for walks, and barking at the mailman. His dislikes are cats, baths, and bigger dogs." Not my dog. Here is a rundown of Midas' profile so that you can all get to know him and love him like we do. After all, he's not a pug, he's a little person.LIKES: Apples, but only if they are green and only if it has been in Mike's mouth. Popcorn, but only to suck off the butter and salt, then its in a mushy pile on the floor and he's begging for his next piece.His leash. He could have all the freedom in the world to run, but if I need to get him to do something, all I have to do is show him his leash (even if we are already outside) and he's ready to get hooked up.Smashed potatoes: (Not MASHED, SMASHED) he loves em.Fish marinade: (don't ask)Meaty Middle chew bonesRides in the car with the window down.DISLIKES: (Here's where he is really particular)Kate Winslett. He freaking hates her. We were watching finding Neverland last night and everytime she would open her mouth he freaked out. Just her.Sully from Monster's Inc. Has the same strange effect as Kate Winslett. Midas, who is an avid movie watcher hates Sully. JUST SULLY. The bathroom rug: Apparently he's furios that he wasn't consulted during the decorating process because if I leave the bathroom door open, he'll drag our rug into a closet or some other not so noticeable location.Nail trimmings: He is going for that long nail look like those old ladies who have trouble typing.Green beans: Why the hell would I be giving him green beans when there are smashed potatoes to be made.Sneezing of any kind. He doesn't like germs.Well, that's Midas in a nutshell. Now you know.

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