Saturday, June 2, 2007

Weekend at a Glance.

This weekend was stella' my friends. First and foremost, I have to thank Wayne for breaking down and trying sushi. Let me tell you, if you don't like sushi from the Globe, then you don't like sushi ANYWHERE. You will not like it at a bar, you will not like it near or far. You would not like it in a box, you would not like it with a fox. I, on the other hand loved my sushi and my little chopstick mishap. I am glad that there wasn't really anyone around to watch me massacre the food I was eating.ANYWAY, when we finally got to the Social it was really fun too. I think the people watching was some of the best. I am wondering about some of the people there..... for instance the boobie girl. Why? Anyway, things didn't really pick up until Plain Jane went on and as usual the show was great. So great that there were some crazy people dancing it up in the audience. I don't mean dancing because the music was so good that they couldn't control them selves.... I mean dancing because the voices were making them do it. First off there was the break dancing kid. Wow. Some guy was doing a combination move of breakdancing and the chicken dance. He was just about getting ready to toss in some Hokey Pokey and Macarena when the flashing lights of the camera drove him back to the bat cave. Then what about the girl doing the kung fu moves who got up on stage! She had to have been on something. Not an ugly girl, but some ugly, ugly dance moves. It didn't matter what the pace of the song was, be it fast or slow, she was doing the same walk like an egyptian twitch. Holy crap. I couldn't stop laughing.The whole show was great, but very funny. ... from the drunken dancers to the old ladies who dress like they are 22 that get up on the stage and dance around, it was a non stop laugh riot. Holy cow, how did I forget the Calendar Girl ladies. Holy Jebus (as Cassie would say!) they are seriously like 45 and wearing the tightest pants and tallest hair imagineable and they get up there and shimmy it up for the whole world to see, it is so, SO unbelievably funny. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we were headed out to the streets of O-town across from a hot dog dealer who I'm sure was as thankful as the rest of the crowd for the display-- we were flashed. Some girl in a cute black dress was stepping over the velvet ropes and flashed us an upclose crotch shot not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. I had to turn away after the first one but I am told that it looked more like she was airating than crossing over the ropes. WOW. ladies. Seriously. Is it really a good time at that point? When you're so drunk that you don't have any clue who is wondering about your crotch displays? I have never been so blitzed that I made an ass of myself i on stage, or made a stripper of myself of the street, therefore, I feel I may, no, MUST judge. That's right, I'm judging the shit out of you.Anyway, thanks for giving me something/someone to laugh at this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to put some video up soon and share it with everyone. Also, if you live in the area, call up or email Orock 105.9 and request Blue Jeans by Plain Jane Automobile. Hell, while you're at it, go buy their CD at Park Av.I have to go work on my bowling average now.

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