Saturday, June 2, 2007

Garbage, tunafish, seafood in general, vomit, death, burning hair...

Those things smell great compared to the smell of my feet. I wear these sandals most everyday because they are so comfortable. I bought them when I was shopping with Amanda Barnes, I had to have been about 20, maybe even 19. SO these shoes are five years old at the very least. My feet have left imprints in the soles and the actual fakey leather is peeling off in layers, but the bad thing is they freaking STINK! I know because I took off one of them to get a stick out (the one that Midas has been slowly eating) and when I took it off I swear I saw little stink waves and heard that fog horn noise like in the old beetleguse cartoons. I would be lying to say that I hadn't noticed it before. Whenever I open my locker at the gym, I would get knocked back a few steps. But I don't have many other shoes I can consistently wear and be comfortable in, you know? Tell me this isn't the saddest thing you have ever heard. I can't believe I just wrote a whole thing about my stinky feet.

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