Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Letter to Satan.

I read this article: found it enraging. Read in between the lines. Yeah, she's saying handle your business with courtesy, which I'm sure is what she calls a condescending bitch tone... but look at all the trouble she gets into where ever she goes. Look at how she is such an expert at getting free shit. This person is a human monster and I think the real life Satan. Here is my response to that cunt:To Liz Pulliam Weston:The greatest day of my life was when I finished college in May, already employed with a "real world" job. The greatest second in my life was putting in my two weeks notice that allowed me to escape from retail hell.After reading your article, I would like to personally thank you for teaching people how to complain, to be petty, and to otherwise either get people in trouble to get yourself some free happy meals in exchange for making someone else's day a living hell. I imagine then, that you have never worn a plastic smile for 12 hours straight (all the while standing in heels and greeting people who sneer at you) and battled with the inner devil who wants to take on a whole other tone with the seventh person in a row to complain that an item is sold out or their coupon is expired.If you think you are creating a wiser nation of consumers, who politely go forth and seek justice, think again. You are, I'm sure, one of the petty, selfish, self-centered, "the world owes me" liberals masquerading your measly victories over the "man" in print form. Let me tell you, the only one who gets affected in the end, is not Mr. Ronald McDonald who has happily shut you up with a cheeseburger, but the poor person who had to listen to your grating voice when all they want to do, is give you your fries, take your money, and get through the shift so that they too, can have a paycheck to spend in some other business. All you have really accomplished in the long run is possibly helping to create some new "smiling" code at your local retail store so that a sign will appear saying that if an employee doesn't smile widely enough, you can take three dollars form their paycheck! How nice. I can look back now and remember all those rude people that are just like you. The ones who were never happy with the way their items were packaged. The ones who got angry if I talked too much or just plain livid if I didn't talk enough. I remember all the CRAP I put up with from YOU and I am thankful that as an adult I can wait my turn, say please and thank-you and use manners. Amazingly, I have rarely ever had a problem in any store and I probably have a much happier life.Once again, thank you for allowing me to be the better person.Jennifer

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